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About Us

Our Mission & 


V E-Tronics committed to ensure products quality, and brings the best to all our valued shoppers.


V E-Tronics aims to be the one stop home solution for all your home needs in Singapore.


All About 
V E-Tronics

Founder started as a shop assistant in hardware retail shop owned by family since early 2000s. Over the decades, Founder developed interest and gained experiences in this industry. In early 2020, Covid struck Singapore and retail industry has been significantly affected with the enactment of "COVID-19 Control Order", known as “Circuit Breaker”. With family, Founder started his first online business.

Motivated by sales performance generated over a time frame of less than a year, Founder took a leap of faith to venture on his own establishing V E-Tronics in February 2021. V E-Tronics specialised in home appliances and bathroom accessories. To date, V E-Tronics is also authorised dealer of major brands.